Why Are Waterbeds Good For Your Back? Something You Didn’t Know

There are several myths and misconceptions revolving around the use of waterbeds. But, nevertheless, you somehow manage to convince yourself to buy one. How are waterbeds good for your back is the first question that pops in your head, right? Is the waterbed going to cause any pain in your spine? Or are waterbeds as good as spring mattresses? All these questions need to be answered in order to help you make the best decision that ensures a healthy spine.

Back in the days when waterbeds were more traditionally designed, their internal support system wasn’t built to provide the essential support to the sleeper’s lumbar region. On the other hand, spring mattresses easily offered this kind of support. And this led to many mattress manufacturing companies to claim that waterbeds mess with people’s body alignment, especially the spine alignment.

But now, in our modern and advanced world today, companies manufacturing waterbeds have upped their game. As a result of which waterbeds are now as supportive as some of the best spring mattresses on the market.

Waterbeds are now being designed to provide full wave and semi-wave movements along with absolutely no wave action at all. So gone are the days when you thought that waterbeds were not good for you back.

Basic Instruction to get Started with a Waterbed​

Here are some basic instructions to get you started with a waterbed.

Why Are Waterbeds Good For Your Back

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As far as the spinal cord and back are concerned, waterbeds are not considered to be a popular choice. This claim is backed by the fact that waterbeds are constructed in such a way that they don’t provide the much needed back support to the lumbar as well as the sacral areas of one’s body.

While this claim is true in all its forms, you should know that it is only valid for waterbeds that were manufactured back in the early stages of its origin. Those waterbeds didn’t have the faculty to offer adequate back support, at least not as well and efficiently as traditional spring mattresses.

As a result of such kind of a poor waterbed construction, many users developed back injuries over a period of time. But the good news wasn’t so far along. Lessons were learned and technology advanced, which led to the creation of waterbeds that are now able to compete with some of the most excellent spring mattresses in the industry.

How to Fill a Waterbed:

Advantages of Waterbeds

Just like any other spring mattress, a waterbed can also provide that vital back support. To make this possible, waterbed manufacturers have resorted to using heavy-duty mattresses made of vinyl. And like this, there were many changes that were made and are still continuously being made to wipe out all the myths and misconceptions about waterbeds.

So if you’re wondering how are waterbeds good for your back, you need to know a little about its many advantages so you can make that purchase without any hesitation.

  • Waterbeds offer 3 different types of movements to the user; full wave, semi-wave, and no wave at all. Each has its own health benefits but there is one that has proven to be extremely unfavorable for your back. It’s the full wave action waterbed.

This kind of a waterbed allows your back to sink rather low into the bed, which is what causes major spine misalignment. So it’s highly advisable to not buy a waterbed with full wave action.

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  • Possibly the biggest advantage of waterbeds is their capacity to provide heat to the user’s body at phenomenal therapeutic temperature standards. This is made possible by the entire structure of waterbeds that is equipped with a mechanism solely created for the welfare of back, neck, and hip muscles.

We all know how effective hot water bags are in significantly reducing the stress or pain caused by the muscles of the body, especially the spine. And a waterbed is the papa bear of a hot water bag. So you can imagine the amount of relaxation one feels on a waterbed when heat is applied to all the vulnerable parts of the body together.

  • You must have heard about orthopedic spring mattresses that contribute in greatly reducing the excessive pain caused in the spine.

 They do so simply by applying pressure to the affected joints. And due to the advancement of technology, waterbeds can now do that too.

How to Drain a Waterbed:

Uses of a Waterbed

Are waterbeds good for your back? How is a waterbed going to help you with bed sores or even insomnia? Do waterbeds do more than just improving physical health? All the answers are discussed at length below.

Waterbeds for Backache

Back pain is a very common problem that affects millions and millions of people, especially grown-ups. So if you’re one of them, then you will be glad to know that a waterbed has the ability to treat this common yet severe problem quite effectively.

It does so by equally dividing the weight of your entire body in order to support it more evenly. And once your body is evenly supported, your muscles tend to naturally relax on their own.

This helps in further removing all the tension and pressure from your spine, which inevitably and healthily speeds up blood circulation around the injured area.

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Waterbeds for Arthritis

water bed

Arthritis is a common disease that affects over 97% of the world’s 50+ (years of age) population. All the more reason to try a therapeutic remedy like this, isn’t it?

As we’ve mentioned above, waterbeds evenly distribute all your body weight, which means all the pressure that builds up on arthritis affected joints considerably reduces.

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On top of that, the heat generated by waterbeds further helps in improving your entire body’s blood circulation. And what’s more beneficial in drastically healing and significantly lowering arthritis pain than a healthy blood circulation!

Waterbeds for Insomnia

Are waterbeds good for your back

People who turn 50 are believed to have fallen asleep at least twenty thousand times. This number just highlights the fact that sleep disturbances have a huge chance of making their way into someone’s sleeping habits, healthy or unhealthy. Sleeping disorders like insomnia, or waking up in the middle of the night, etc. are commonplace now, given the amount of stress we put ourselves through these days.

Keeping all this mind, investing in a waterbed might not be such a bad idea. If there’s something out there that’s created to help you naturally sleep better, it’s worth a try, isn’t it? In fact, waterbeds have proven to not only help patients suffering from insomnia but they have also helped people fall asleep for a longer period of time, lower the number of times they wake up in the middle of the night, and balance the sleep onset.

Waterbeds for Bedsores

When a patient or an elderly is bedridden, traditional spring mattresses can wreak havoc in his or her pressure points, leading to the development of ulcers. But this condition can be completely prevented simply by using a waterbed instead of the conventional spring mattress.

Since the pressure in all the pressure points of your body is significantly lowered due to the presence of water as well as heat in the waterbed, the formation of ulcers or any bedridden associated illness or discomfort is highly unlikely. And for those who have already developed ulcers can switch to waterbeds in order to speed up the healing process.

Waterbeds for the Mental State of Mind

You should know that waterbeds are not created only to treat body’s physical ailments but also to rejuvenate the mental state of mind. Waterbeds have the ability to considerably lower your stress levels as well as mental fatigue. Sleeping on a waterbed contributes to waking up in a more cheerful mood.

This is possible only because of one main reason, the law of nature. As we all know that the gravitational force of the moon has notable impacts on our bodies and powerful elements of nature, such as water tides. Likewise, since our body is made up of at least 75% water, sleeping on waterbeds greatly affects the harmony of our mental state of mind, especially our stamina, zeal, and energy.

Bottom Line

Many medical professionals don’t approve using a waterbed to heal painful conditions like a backache, arthritis, bed sores, and the like. Nevertheless, investing in a waterbed can seriously go a long way in, if not completely curing, then at least relieving some of that pain caused by your medical condition.

Make sure that you pick a semi-wave or no wave action waterbed that is equipped with sufficient back support. Also, ensure that it has an effective and fully functional heating mechanism as well in order to obtain all the thermal therapeutic benefits that come along with a waterbed.

So how are waterbeds good for your back? We hope we have delivered the answer to this particular question in the simplest way possible.

Have you ever tried sleeping on a waterbed to get rid of a backache or any other pain in your body? And has it worked for you?

Please let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear your thoughts.


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