How To Make Cannabis Lotion Even With Simple Ingredients?


Did you know that cannabis lotion provides pain relief without producing any psychoactive effects? This is the reason why topical cannabis ointments and creams are gaining popularity over the recent years. But why would you want to buy such a product when you can create it on your own? So let’s learn how to make cannabis lotion.

Creams with marijuana content offer regenerative, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties. And these are useful for treating ailments and disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. This goes to show what a powerful medicine it is.

Time to find out more!

How to make cannabis lotion


What is Cannabis Lotion?

The valuable therapeutic benefits of marijuana or cannabis help in making life easier for people dealing with health issues. And when infused with a lotion, it does the job without producing psychoactive effects. That’s the best part, isn’t it?

All you have to do is apply the lotion to the affected area on the skin. And it does an excellent job of providing pain relief in that region. There are many types of cannabis-infused oils, balms, and lotions. And they all have transdermal properties. This means that they get thoroughly absorbed into the skin.

How does Cannabis Lotion Work?

How to make cannabis lotion


Before we learn how to make cannabis lotion, let’s find out how it works. The cannabinoids present in cannabis creams, especially CBD and THC, get absorbed into the skin.

These particular components penetrate the skin right where you need it the most. That’s because of the CB-2 and CB-1 cannabinoid receptors located in our body. And what they do is reduce pain and inflammation effectively.

The thing about eating or smoking cannabis is that it allows the cannabinoids to flow throughout the bloodstream. And this affects the entire body. But the same thing in a lotion or cream form specifically treats the affected areas.

Dealing with problems like back pain, arthritis, skin conditions, etc. requires the use of cannabis lotions and creams. They go a long way in relieving symptoms without getting you high. But you should also know that such ointments can still show on a urine test.

How to Make Cannabis Lotion?

When you can create something as beneficial as cannabis cream, then why would you want to buy it from a pharmacy? This way you can tweak the ingredients to suit your particular condition and requirements. But please remember that you can’t rely on cannabis creams and lotions to cure serious diseases. You need a doctor to achieve that.

How to make cannabis lotion


What You Will Need:

  • Storage containers
  • Shea butter or beeswax
  • ​Cheesecloth
  • ​Cooking pot
  • ​15 to 30g cannabis blossoms (dried)
  • 250 to 500ml coconut oil

How to Make Cannabis Lotion? The Method

1. The First Step

Pour some coconut oil in your cooking pot on high temperature. Make sure that you grind the buds thoroughly before adding them to the pre-heated coconut oil. Let it simmer for an hour. During this time, the cannabinoids get bound to the oil fat.

2. The Second Step

After the coconut oil becomes potent enough, it’s time to cool down the mixture before filtering it. Use cheesecloth for the process. The goal is to separate the plant matter from the oil.

3. The Final Step

This is the customization part. You get the opportunity to be as creative as you like during the last step. You can add Shea butter or beeswax to the prepared blend. Any other ingredient that does the job of softening the skin while also providing medicinal value will also suffice.

And that’s about it! Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Here’s another way to prepare cannabis lotion:

How to Make Cannabis Salve/Lotion/Transdermal?

Wrapping it Up 

So there, now you know how to make a cannabis-infused cream. Keep in mind that you can be creative depending on what ingredient suits your body the most. Not all health issues or medical conditions are the same, so choose appropriately.

The thing about cannabis is that it helps in healing. Through vapor, edibles, or smoke; the plant offers plenty health benefits.

So have you ever used cannabis to deal with physical pain or inflammation in the body? If yes, then in what form? Tell us all about your experiences, so we know better about how to use the plant for medicinal purposes.

If there’s anything that you would like to add here, please feel free to do so. Your feedback matters. The comments section is located right below the article.





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