What Is The Best Way To Heal Shin Splints?

Often athletes, dancers, and people who are more into running face problems such as shin splint. It is because the sudden movement or shock in the muscular-skeleton system that leads to an internal injury that increases and causes a shooting pain soon.

Shin splints can happen to anyone and anytime. Such splints take place mainly in one leg at the lower part. Though this is a very common condition if care is taken then it can be avoided so that you do not have to face some issues. So what is the best way to heal shin splints?

Causes that Leads to Shin Splints

There are some reasons that can result in a terrible shin splint. This is true that mainly such pain happens to athletes and dancers, but not necessarily to all of them. The main concept here is this that a person who is not into proper posture or exercise may face such trouble at some time or other.


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Some of the reasons due to which you can have shin splints are:
  • If you run in a wrong posture such as with an arc or so,
  • If you are running at a stretch without any rest in between,
  • ​If you are continuously running on a hard surface,
  • ​If you are constantly running up the hill or downhill,
  • ​If you begin workout suddenly and that also aggressively,
  • ​If you start running, workout or dancing without any warm up sessions,
  • If you make any wrong movement in you dancing,
  • If you are wearing worn-out or bad sneakers while running.

How do You Know It is an Shin Splint?

The common name for the condition shin splint is medial tibial stress syndrome. It can start suddenly, and you can get mistaken it to be a sprain. If you are not sure the pain is shin splint or not, you should check these symptoms once.

  • You may feel the pain while you are running or even when you are walking.
  • You can feel pain along with tenderness in the lower part of your leg, especially near the Achilles' tendons.
  • ​You may get pain in your joints that increases if you continue exercising.
  • You may also experience bruises or bumps on the shins.
  • Pain can also engulf you when standing for a longer time.

What are Shin Splints? And How to Cure them?

How to Treat Shin Splints?

Of course one of the main ways to treat shin splint is by visiting a doctor. The doctor will prescribe for an X-ray test, based on which you will be prescribed with proper treatment and medicines. Many people do not wish to visit the doctor and hence believe in self-treatment. There are some ways how you can get cured of shin splints. Some of the best ways to heal shin splints are available here.

1. Changing the Way You Run

It has been noticed that maximum of the times, such shin splint cases occur due to wrong form and posture of running. Of course, the way how a person runs comes from within, but it is still possible that with practice one can learn the correct form of running. A good idea is to meet with a physical trainer who can guide you with the correct posture while running.

Also, there are now other ways to which proper posture of running can be learned. One such way is through viewing various videos online. Search for the correct learning posture online and you can get some information about it.


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2. Start slowly for Anything

One of the major problems that happen is that people suddenly realize that they should stay fit and so they suddenly aim at running 1 hour continuously the very first day. Similarly, people think of losing weight, and they start working out tremendously, since the initial days.

This needs to be changed. In case if you have already been affected by the pain, it is advised to take rest for some days and then start slow with some baby steps that you can increase gradually in coming few days or weeks.

3. Multiple Workout Forms

Aerobic Exercise

This is one of the easiest and best ways to treat shin splints. If you are in pain due to running, this pain may come back later someday even when you have treated the pain. One of the great ways is to cross stretch or find multiple different workout forms along with running.

So, if you are running three days a week, then try out some other exercises such as cycling or aerobics for other three days a week. Always keep the seventh day in hand for full rest.

4. Massage Therapy

How to Massage Shin Splints​?

This is quite common that massage therapy can help in healing any pain and reducing any kind of swelling. Along with massage, one can also try ice packs so that the blood circulation can increase and thus the swelling of that area can reduce down. Another great way that many of the therapists today advise in case of shin splint is foam rolling.

5. Wearing proper Shoes

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There are many such shoes available that are said to support the feet and the shins properly. People in their old age are often advised to wear such shoes so that they do not have any similar issues. Now when a person has already been affected by the condition, the shoes support the shin while walking or running that can help in healing the pain. You can always talk to a professional to get such a shoe.


Shin splint is a condition that can attack your suddenly and can lead to the treacherous amount of pain if it is not taken care of. Often people do not take much care of it and keep on continuing the activities such as running, working out and dancing. It is important to get some rest in this case. Also above mentioned is the best way to heal shin splints. I hope you like it.

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