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Everybody who takes marijuana knows all about what a marijuana grinder does. And so do you, right? But do you know what is the best marijuana grinder available on the market?

Marijuana grinders are created to grind the buds so you can burn them. Even though all the units have the ability to do that, only a few of them get the job done right.

Making the process more comfortable and easier is just as part of the process as grinding up the buds. So let’s look at the five best grinder brands that have manufactured these valuable toolkits to give you fine results, quite literally.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Marijuana Grinders

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The Best Marijuana Grinder: 5 Best Picks

We have reviewed top quality marijuana grinders from at least five different brands. These are also the ones that rank the highest when it comes to looks, functionality, and durability. So let’s find out all about their unique features, shall we?

1. SPACE CASE Grinder  – The Best Affordable Marijuana Grinder

SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter Magnetic 4 Pc. Medium Titanium

Space Case has developed a reputation for manufacturing some of the best cases for grinding weed. And these units have a cost-friendly price tag. So it comes as no surprise to list the Space Case Grinder.

It consists of sharp cutting teeth with a sturdy aluminum design. Such a structure gives you a better grind and maximum durability. Combine this with a larger surface area, and you can grind more herbs while also maintaining the level of consistency. (Mistakes you make when smoking weed)

The titanium coating of the Space Case Grinder helps in preventing tobacco from sticking to it. But this doesn’t stop the coat from chipping. So there’s a negligible flaw that you can probably overlook.

We Like

  • ​Suitable for both large and small loads.
  • Smooth spinning provides easy breakdown with minimal effort.

We Don't Like

  • ​The paint tends to chip easily.

Space Case 4 Piece Titanium Large Product Demonstration - Space Grinders

2. Platinum Grinders  – The Best Marijuana Grinder for Smooth Grinding

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher - Large 2.5 Inch 4 Piece, Black Aluminum

The addition of an excellent poly O-ring is the best part about the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder. But do you know why? It’s because the component goes a long way in providing a smooth experience, both in functionality and grind.

You will also be glad to know that the grinder has a super sturdy aluminum construction to make it more stable and durable. On top of that, the sharp teeth have the ability to mash weed faster than you can imagine. (Health benefits of weed)

But it’s the constant struggle with the clogged screen that might prove to be slightly disappointing.

We Like

  • ​The case offers an excellent grip.
  • The large amount of teeth gives you abundant kief.

We Don't Like

  • ​The screen of the grinder gets clogged very often.

3. Large Santa Cruz Shredder  – The Best Marijuana Grinder with Sharp Teeth

Large Santa Cruz Shredder Black 4 Piece Grinder with La Grinders Pollen Press

The Large Santa Cruz Shredder Blue 4 Piece Grinder is considered to be a top quality product. The case is built with razor sharp teeth that have the ability to cut through stems and herbs. And they do so in the smoothest manner, thus giving you finer results.

You don’t have to worry about damage with this thing as it comes with a wear and scratch-resistant coating. Even twisting it is not a matter of concern due to the deep grip design.

The Large Santa Cruz Shredder Blue 4 Piece Grinder is one of those units that have a seven catch thread pattern. What this does is help in preventing any cross-threading.

The only drawback with the grinder is its weak construction. The device is highly susceptible to breaking if dropped very often.

We Like

  • ​The screen does a great job at keeping out small particles.
  • The strong and firm magnet holds the lid in place at all times.

We Don't Like

  • ​The grinder breaks easily.

Santa Cruz Shredder CEO Matt - Describes Superior Herb Grinder Technology

4. SMART CRUSHER Grinder – The Best 5-Piece Marijuana Grinder on the Market

SMART CRUSHER 5 Piece Titanium Magnetic Coffee Spice Herb Tobacco Pollen Catcher Grinder

If you’re looking for a weed grinder with pollen press, then this is it. There’s nothing better than the SMART CRUSHER 5 Piece Magnetic Titanium Coffee Herb Pollen Grinder to grind your herbs and tobacco. The high-performing level of the case delivers quality grind.

Cutting the herbs in a precise and smooth manner is the ultimate job of the sharp teeth. And the grinder offers easy turning to make this happen. On top of that, the mesh screen has a stainless steel design. And it does an excellent job at catching little pollen.

As far as spills are concerned, there aren’t any. Thanks to the powerful magnets integrated into the lid. This also keeps the herbs fresh without giving rise to odor.

What’s not to like about the grinder is the poor quality of the aluminum threads. They tend to strip easily.

We Like

  • ​Suitable for grinding larger amounts.
  • The pieces of the grinder are interchangeable.

We Don't Like

  • ​The threads are prone to stripping.

5. Golden Bell Grinder – The Best Heavy-Duty Marijuana Grinder

Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder, 2-Inch - Black

It’s the zinc alloy construction of this marijuana grinder that makes it suitable for heavy grinding. The Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder consists of sharp teeth and a poly O-ring. These two features make the process smooth and easy with minimal friction.

The other two equally remarkable components are the powerful magnetic lid and mesh screen. The former prevents spills while the latter filters fine pollen. Plus, the grinder is not only comfortable to use but also quite convenient to clean.

So everything about it lives up to our expectation except one. The middle and bottom chambers are hard to open. So you might end up damaging the unit in order to get the job done.

We Like

  • ​The sharpness of the blades remains intact.
  • The grinder turns smoothly to provide well-ground results.

We Don't Like

  • ​Not easy to open, and this causes damage to the plastic ring.

The Buying Guide of the Best Marijuana Grinder

The better the grind, the more enjoyable the experience, wouldn’t you agree? So to be able to understand how marijuana grinders work, we’ve put together a brief guide for you. This contains all the necessary information you need to know about these tiny yet highly functional units. (25 odd facts about marijuana)

Ergonomics of Marijuana Grinders

Most of the models available today have a circular design. You have to twist the case to open its compartments. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t find any other shapes. The options are aplenty. All you need to do is pick one that is easy to open and convenient to use.

How to Use Herb Grinder?

Material of Marijuana Grinders


Wood grinders have an elegant and vintage physical appearance. They are considered to be the lightest in weight and also the most compact. The best part about them is that they don’t break easily. Hence you will not find any wood chips in your mixture during the grinding process.

The only drawback of the wood marijuana grinders is poor durability. They are also harder to clean.


In terms of versatility, plastic grinders rank the highest. They have an affordable price tag with a lightweight, compact design. This makes them easier to carry around.

The most impressive aspect about plastic weed grinders is that they are transparent. So you can see through the case to keep a check on as well as gain more control over the grinding procedure.

The biggest disappointment of the plastic versions is their static electricity inducing nature. This tends to attract external debris. But getting rid of the dirt is not so difficult as long as the plastic material is of high quality.


These are the most expensive options, which means heavy-duty grinding and maximum durability. In fact, the anodized alloy grinders have an unbreakable quality. They come with resilient metal coating in the inner casing as well as the teeth pattern.

What’s not to like is the large, bulky design of the metal grinder. 

Compartments of Marijuana Grinders

  • 1 Compartment or Two-Piece Grinders
best marijuana grinder


These types of weed grinders are the easiest to work with as everything happens in a single chamber. But they have the tendency of producing inconsistent results. Also, retrieving your grind after the procedure can be slightly annoying because the teeth tend to get in the way.

  • 2 Compartment or Three-Piece Grinders
best marijuana grinder


The first compartment offers a passage to the other through a hole pattern. These grinders give you a more consistent and refined grind quality. Retrieving the grind is also convenient due to the addition of a second chamber with no teeth.

  • 3 Compartment or Four-Piece Grinders
best marijuana grinder


If what you want to get the finest grind along with kief or pollen, then this is your best bet. A four-piece or 3 compartment marijuana grinder is considered to be the best grinder for kief. Thanks to the additional third chamber that serves as a kief catcher. (How to use kief)

Teeth of Marijuana Grinders

best marijuana grinder


The more the teeth, the finer and more consistent the grind. The thing about weed grinder teeth is that they have to be robust and sharp enough to be able to mash all types of weed and herbs.

Magnetic Lids of Marijuana Grinders

best marijuana grinder


To prevent the contents from spilling, most three-piece and four-piece grinders come with powerful magnets in the lid. But this doesn’t mean that grinders without this particular feature don’t perform well. It just means that you will be reducing the amount of wasted herbs.

Choosing the Best Herb Grinder

Rolling It Up

If you use marijuana on a daily basis for medical or recreational purposes, then you need the best marijuana grinder. It just makes the process of grinding more efficient and easier. So we hope that the five best grinder brands we’ve listed are good enough for you to take into consideration.

You should also know that it’s the Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher that we rank as the top contender. And there are many reasons for that. For one, this device has a super strong aircraft-quality aluminum design. This offers extra strength with durability.

As for effortless yet smooth grinding, the sharp teeth of the grinder take care of that. And the stainless steel equipped mesh screen does an excellent job at filtering fine pollen. Let’s not forget about the addition of powerful magnets to keep the lid intact and weed fresh.

To seal the deal, Platinum Grinders has created this unit with a scratch resistant quality. So these are all the reasons, and valid ones at that, for you to invest in the grinder without any hesitation.

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