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Jacob GrillHello, my name is Jacob Grill and my goal is pretty simple (hey that rhymes!); to provide valuable, to the purpose information about pain, any kind of a pain in any muscle or part of your body. There’s a quote that says, “No matter what, you will never understand somebody else’s pain until you’re the one feeling it.” And my blog/website is the outcome of this particular quote.

In my life, I have had so much trouble with my body that there came a point when I actually thought that something was SERIOUSLY wrong with me. But that was just me being silly and hopeless because medication didn’t seem to offer the kind of pain management that I had expected it to. So I decided to take control.

You won’t believe but I was suffering from severe foot pain, neck pain, and sometimes even back pain, so you can imagine a number of hours I must have spent online researching about my conditions and looking for the causes, symptoms, and most importantly, the remedies about pain management. And trying to find the most suitable and reliable way of relieving my pain lead me to develop a profound interest in helping others do the same.

It is at that point in my life that I finally decided to make a career out of it. My goal is to bring to you the most innovative as well as tried and tested pain management and treatment assistance by providing you with all kinds of useful and trustworthy information, backed by medical proof, about alleviating all kinds of pain, including back pain when you have a herniated disc, foot pain due to sesamoiditis, neck pain because of stress, etc.

I thoroughly study each and every topic in order to figure out all the causes and symptoms along with the best possible solutions there are out there to help you relieve the pain in a much better and healthier manner. My main focus in every article is to hand over the most advanced yet least invasive along with symptomatic and highly beneficial pain management and treatment solutions. This, I know, helps in significantly reducing the amount of pain one experiences every time something goes wrong with a muscle, tissue, or anything else in the body.

How to run when you have a severe foot condition, what kind of a bed you should be sleeping on for a healthy spine; these are all questions that need some serious research and study. And that is exactly what I have to offer in my articles. Causes of these conditions and ways to reduce the pain and deal with it without putting your daily activities and life on hold are some of the most important messages that I strive very hard to convey in the simplest manner.

And if I’m helping you reduce overall healthcare costs by offering useful pain management and treatment information even when it comes to severe chronic as well as critically painful ailments, then my job here is done.

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Jacob T. Grill